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To make sure the people of the West Midlands get an excellent service, we are looking for the best police officers who show honesty and intergrity. That is why you will need to meet set criteria before you can apply and meet ongoing fitness and security clearances throughout your career. 

Academic Qualifications

To be eligble to apply to apply for the role of Police Officer within West Midlands Police you are required to be working towards or currently hold a minimum Level 3 Qualification (A level). 

If you are working towards this qualification you will need to have provided a certificate dated before the 31st March 2019 to apply now. 

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Age & Nationality

You need to be between 18yrs and 57yrs to apply to be a police officer. 

You will need to have been resident in the UK for a continuous period of 3 years to be eligible to apply and gain security clearance.

If you're from outside the EEA, it's essential that you have leave to enter or to remain in the UK for an indefinite period.

Cautions, Convictions, Vetting and Financial Position

Ideally, you shouldn't have a criminal conviction or cautions record. If you do have one, acceptance will depend on the age and nature of the offence. We are unable to state whether your convictions record will affect your application before you apply. This will be determined from the full and confidential information provided during the recruitment and selection process.

If you don't tell us about any cautions, investigations or criminal convictions that may be linked to you at an early stage, your application could be refused simply because you weren't being open and up front. It might have been accepted if you were. So if in doubt, disclose. To assist we have produced a short guide about cautions, convictions and vetting which you will be sent with your forms.

It's important that you are not under pressure from un-discharged debts or liabilities and that you can manage loans and debts sensibly.

Health, Fitness and Eyesight Requirements

Health and fitness

Applicants must be in good health, of sound constitution and able to both physically and mentally perform the duties of a police constable once appointed. All medical criteria will be checked – including eyesight, hearing and Body Mass Index (BMI must be at least 18 and no more than 30). This part of the process will be managed by the force’s occupational health team.

The fitness test, also known as the bleep test, is a continuous series of shuttle runs between the two lines, 15 metres apart. The time allowed to run the distance is indicated by an audible “bleep”, and the interval reduces over time, so that the runs have to become progressively faster. There is a standard national achievement level required of a minimum of four shuttles at level 5 to pass.

Eyesight Standards

The standard you need to meet either with or without spectacles or contact lenses is:

Distance vision

6/12 or better with either your right or left eye
6/6 with both eyes together

If you wear spectacles or contact lenses you also need to reach 6/36 without your spectacles or lenses.

Near vision

6/9 with both eyes together [aided].

Colour vision

The use of colour correcting lenses is not acceptable. Severe colour vision deficiencies (monochromacy) are not acceptable. Mild anomalous trichromacy is acceptable. Severe anomalous dichromacy or trichromacy is also acceptable but you will need to be aware of the deficiency and make appropriate adjustments.

Tattoos & Substance Misuse

Anyone who has a tattoo which could be offensive to any religion or belief, or is in any way discriminatory, violent or intimidating, will not be accepted.

Tattoos on the face, visible above a collar line or on the hands are not acceptable.

You will be required to provide photographs of any tattoos on the face, neck or forearms with your application. 

If you are currently using any illegal drugs, this will rule you out of the recruitment process automatically.This contradicts everything the role of a police officer stands for. 

Police Officer - Eligibility

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