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Your new career as a Police Officer

Joining West Midlands Police as a Police Officer is only the beginning of your journey - opportunities in West Midlands Police offer a wide and varied career that really challenge you and make a difference to our communities.

We are looking for new recruit Police Officers that have a range of life experiences and backgrounds. It is also why we are looking for candidates who have the ability to build trust and relationships with very different people and backgrounds. 

More importantly we are looking for new Police Officers that take a genuine pride in making the communities of the West Midlands safer for everyone who lives there. 

Life as a Police Officer

You will become the eyes, ears and face of WMP. You will be work with local communities, partner agencies and colleagues to build relationships based on trust to deliver our vision and values.

Being a Police Officer is a respected career which will provide you with multiple opportunities throughout your career to really make a difference. Your training will cover the foundation skills to enable you to patrol the West Midlands area as an independent Police Officer. Even when you have completed your training you will not partol the streets on your own. You will spend your first weeks and months with an experienced officer who will act as a coach and mentor, ensuring you can put your training into practice in a safe and monitored environment.

The West Midlands region is vibrant and busy 24/7 and as such this is not a 9-5 role. You will need to be prepared that the role of a Police Officer is usually based around shift work and the working day can be at night or a bank holiday. You will also need to prepare yourself for potentially dangerous situations but be reassured that we will support you to be ready for anything. 

Probationary Period

Your probationary period will depend on the access route that you are allocated. Normally a probationary period will be two years for Police Officers, however, with the introduction of the Police Degree Apprenticeship and the Police Education Qualification Framework this could be up to three years in length.

Your probationary period will give you the opportunity to build your knowledge and gain confidence in your abilities as a new Police Officer. During your probation period you will be assessed continually and supported to ensure that you can satisfy our trainers and assessors that you are lawful and legal to independently carry out the role of a Police Officer.

At the end of your probationary period you will have shown that you can consistently deliver against the National Occupational Standards and you will be recommended to be confirmed as a substantive Police Officer. 

Preventing crime

Our officers are at the front line of preventing crime and disrupting criminality. However modern policing is so much more than reacting to crime which affects the trust and confidence of our communities and means there are more victims of crime.

As a Police Officer a key part of your role will be to intervene and work with partner agencies and communities to attempt to stop crime happening in the first place. This could range from working with local schools and colleges to ensuring that offenders released into the community have the support and guidance to not re-offend.

Whilst you will be responding to calls for service from our communities when they need us the most you will vigilant to your surroundings and ready to act when necessary.

Protecting the public

In the UK, policing is conducted with consent of the public. Fairness in policing ensures the public's trust is maintained in all that we do. Our approach is based around:

  • Ensuring the public have a voice and it is listened to
  • Remaining neutral (unbased and fair)
  • Acting with diginity and respect at all times
  • Building trust (showing care and concern)

By showing all of the above in the way that we work builds trust with our communities and enables WMP to protect them.

Helping those in need

As an officer in West Midlands Police you will offer friendship and service in all that you do whilst on and off duty. You will be an advocate to delivering service in everything that you do. 

Sir Robert Peel wrote a set of 'Policing Principles' in 1829 which are as relevant today as the year they were first written. In particular the 5th principle underpins the way that WMP have built their vision and values.

"by ready offering of individual service and friendship to all members of society without regard to their race or social standing"

With this is mind you will deliver a serivce that your friends and family will be proud of and you will really enjoy the new challenge of being a Police Officer. 

Life as a PC

Life as a PC

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