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Question - How do I contact West Midlands Police about my application?

Answer - The entire process will be done on-line. You’ll find all the information about the recruitment process on our website and you will be contacted by e-mail with any updates. If you do need to contact us please email us at:

Question - Will I be expected to work shifts (including nights and weekends)?

Answer - Police Community Support Officers work on a rota system which includes both day, evening and weekend shifts, including public/bank holidays. The lastest finish time will be midnight and we would ask that you are able to travel home at this time if you use public transport.

Question - Can I work part time?

Answer - You will have to work full time during the initial training course however, you may apply for part time/flexible working after 26 weeks working for WMP. It should be noted there is no guarantee of part time/flexible working being granted. Requests are considered based on operational need.

Question - How are different religions accommodated within the force?

Answer - We welcome applicants from all religions and alterations can be made to the uniform to accommodate some religious requirements – for example it is possible to wear a hijab; or the cap may be replaced with a Sikh turban. We also take into account the needs of individuals with regards to time off and bank/public holidays.

Question - Can PCSO's in West Midlands Police detain or arrest people?

Answer - Our PCSO's do not have the power to arrest or detain people. You will have other powers that you can utilise which will be outlined in your intial training. The role of our PCSO's is to be visible, engage and understand the communities that they work in. 

Question - Would spending a significant period of time abroad within the past few years, that wasn’t with the UK armed forces, bar me from applying?

Answer - No, but we would require details in order to make an assessment. If it was part of an organised educational or work activity, then this is unlikely to be problematic, but each case would be judged individually.

Question - If I have ‘registered my interest’ via the West Midlands Police website, do I need to do anything else to complete my application?

Answer - Yes. If you have registered you will receive an automatic notification of when the application period will start. You will then need to apply in the normal way. 

Question - I am nearly 18, can I still apply?

Answer - To be eligible to apply, you must be aged 18 or over on the day you make your application.

Question - I am dyslexic – what reasonable adjustments will be made?

Answer - If you are dyslexic you will be required to provide us with a report (to be obtained at your own cost). This is so we can arrange the consideration for reasonable adjustments to be made.

Question - I have a student visa. Is this sufficient to apply?

Answer - International students cannot apply.

Question - Will you apply for a working visa for me?

Answer - As a foreign national, you would need to already be resident in the UK and free of restrictions.

Question - Can I claim expenses for attending the fitness test and medical?

Answer - We are not able to reimburse you for any expenses incurred as part of the recruitment process.

Questions - Can I work for the police if I have a criminal conviction or caution?

Answer - This will depend on the nature of the conviction or caution. You will need to provide full details to assist our vetting department in making a decision, via the application process.

PLEASE NOTE: applicants must declare all convictions and cautions. Failure to declare certain details will seriously undermine an individual’s integrity and credibility and is likely to bar them from appointment, regardless of the nature / seriousness of the details.

Question - Do I have to declare if I was arrested but not charged?

Answer - Yes, you must declare if you have ever been subject of a criminal investigation whether or not this led to a prosecution. Failure to make such declarations will lead to your application being rejected.

Question - Do I need to declare traffic offences in my application?

Answer - Yes, you must declare all offences including penalty notices. Your application will not be automatically rejected for minor offences; consideration will be given to repeat offending, behaviour, age, the actual offence committed and length of time since the offence.

Question - What if I have a relative who has convictions?

Answer - If your friends or family members are criminals, this must be disclosed. Your application will not be automatically rejected; consideration will be given as to how close the association is and the level of criminality involved etc.

Question - Can I apply if I’ve been bankrupt?

Answer - Yes, you can apply but only if it is three years after the bankruptcy debts have been discharged.

Question - Can I apply if I have a County Court Judgment?

Answer - Yes – if the judgement has been discharged, you can be considered. If you have an existing judgment, your application cannot be considered.

Question - Can I apply if I have an Independent Voluntary Agreement?

Answer - Applicants with a current Independent Voluntary Agreement (IVA) will not be considered. However, if it has been discharged, you may be considered.

Question - Can I continue with my other business interest?

Answer - You must declare any other employment for hire or gain or any other business interests that you intend to maintain, when you apply to become a PCSO. A decision on whether you meet the eligibility criteria will be made on the basis of the full information provided during the recruitment and selection process and whether it is considered that your business interests are compatible with performing your new role.

Question - What is biometric vetting and what happens to the samples I give?

Answer - Biometric vetting checks will be undertaken on those candidates who have reached the stage of being considered suitable and are undergoing pre-employment checks. A fingerprint and DNA sample will be taken and checks made against the appropriate databases. The purpose of the searches is to determine whether:

  • The individual has come to police attention;
  • If so, whether that was under the identity being used for the application; and
  • If the individual is linked to any outstanding crime scene marks or stains
  • Only one set of fingerprints and DNA sample will be required. If subsequently appointed, these samples will be retained on the respective police database for elimination purposes. For those not appointed, their fingerprints, DNA sample and DNA profile and all copies and records will be destroyed.

Question - What does the drugs test involve?

Answer - A hair/fingernail, saliva and urine sample will be used for alcohol, drug and or substance abuse. For those unable to provide a hair sample, finger-nail clippings are used.

Question - Where will I be based as a PCSO?

Answer - We will ask for your preference in work location to ensure that you are able to travel to and from work and meet any caring or parental responsibilities you may have. All decisions that we make around where you will be based is balanced against delivering operational service to our communities. Preferences cannot be guaranteed but we will do our best to work with you. We will avoid basing you near to where you live to ensure that you are safe and protected whilst at work.

Question - What training will I receive?

Answer - You will complete a bespoke designed course that will prepare you for your new role as a PCSO. This course ensures that you are legally prepared to undertake your new role whilst teaching you areas of law, conflict management and communication styles. A part of your training will be operationally based with a coach in your local area to put classroom based learning into practice. Your training will be based at our training college in Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

Frequently Asked Questions (PCSO)

Frequently Asked Questions (PCSO)

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