Valuing You

At West Midlands Police we want you to bring your true self to work.  The whole of you.  We pledge to value the individual perspective that you bring to this this truly unique role, together working to have a positive impact on our communities. 

All of your lifelong learning will be put to great use here.  The challenges should not be underestimated but the rewards and heart-warming satisfaction you will experience are worth their weight in gold.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion go beyond legislation at West Midlands Police, they are at the core of our being.  We strive in every action to ensure that we take an Inclusive approach.  Our Legal requirements are outlined under the General Duty of the Equality Act 2010, however, they come to life within our Leadership Promise and Organisational Values.  This is a real testament to our commitment. 

Outside London, Birmingham is the UK’s most diverse city.  This is important to us as this is our asset.  An asset because we are so different, driving innovation and creativity in fighting the most complex of crimes.  Done through collaborating with our communities.

We are serious about this and need you.

Independent Advisory Groups

Independent Advisory Groups


Independent Advisory Groups (IAGs) are made up of volunteers from various backgrounds of the local community offering independent advice to the police on local/force policies, strategies, delivery plans and community concerns. 


The IAG will work towards providing:

Advice and support on operational and strategic matters. Make recommendations to promote trust, confidence, respect, and partnership between the police and its communities.

Work as a ‘critical friend’ to improve the quality and effectiveness of the work of WMP on community safety and cohesion.
Advise and support on the impact on its communities as a result of major/critical incidents.

Diversity Objectives

The Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Strategy (see related documents) of West Midlands Police, brings together the various aspects of equality, diversity and human rights that fall within policing boundaries, and strives to achieve a police service that has the trust and confidence of all communities and reflects the communities it serves.

When reviewing or developing new policies, projects and working practices, Equality & Human Rights Assessments are carried out to ensure that people’s basic rights and the needs of diverse communities and individuals, especially those who may be the most disadvantaged or excluded in society, are consciously and properly considered.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Watch the College of Policing video aimed at increasing Inclusion

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