Our Vision & Values

We are proud in the service we provide to the communities across the West Midlands.

If you believe in the same values as us then West Midlands Police is the right career choice for you. 

Our Values

While our vision drives us and our shared values guide us, these are the principles under which WMP operates:

  • We trust our people to act with integrity and make good decisions
  • We listen to, involve and empower the public to create safer communities
  • We prevent crime through early intervention and partnership

I prevent crime

  • I work in partnership to create safer communities.
  • I am creative and think of new approaches.

I offer friendship and service

  • I care about the people I serve
  • I am honest and I earn people’s trust
  • I show friendship by helping the public, partners and colleagues particularly those who may not realise they need our help

I am courageous and fair

  • I stand up for the right things
  • I challenge unreasonable and discriminatory behaviour
  • I make the right decisions, however tough they are​
  • I want to work in a diverse team

I listen and learn

  • I accept and admit when I am wrong
  • I learn lessons
  • I let the public see how we work because I welcome openness

I am proud of what I do

  • I am a strong performer and colleagues can rely on me
  • I inspire others with my passion for policing
  • I challenge and aliress poor service
  • I deliver a service my family would be proud of

Our Vision & Values

Our Vision & Values

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